About Us

The Train Station Gym has been synonymous with health and fitness in and around Glastonbury for over ten years, and since 2002 it has also been the premier health and fitness club in Frome.

When it first opened in Glastonbury, over ten years ago, the opening hours were limited to 4.00pm to 9.00pm Monday to Friday – a far cry from the 70plus hours per week that we’re open now. The hours are not the only things that have grown;

The gym area has more than doubled, as have the number and choice of classes, the number of staff has increased, the number of members has increased (many of the old faces still remain though!), the toning and cardio equipment has changed with the number of pieces increasing, what hasn’t changed is that we’re still helping people to achieve (and often exceed) their health and fitness goals.

Then in 2002 the number of Train Station Gyms increased – with number two opening in Frome.

The same high quality of customer care, and expert advice is now available in two locations.

Another thing that hasn’t changed in this time though is the good old-fashioned honest advice, and the results that people are still getting. For over ten years we’ve been helping people to set realistic targets and expectations, and then achieve and exceed them.

Stay tuned for more news of our expansion plans…



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