Personal Training

For some people exercise is a long distant memory, for some it’s a chore, and for some it’s a passion! Whatever you think of exercise, are you getting enough out of it?

A Personal Trainer is ideal for those new to fitness.

For those of you that are new to exercise, or want a bit more from your gym sessions than you’re possibly getting, why not have a Personal Trainer? Their role is to motivate and guide you through your workouts by;

  • Helping you to set realistic and attainable health and fitness goals
  • Designing programmes to meet your specific goals
  • Motivating and guiding you through each workout and towards achieving your goals
  • Monitoring and assessing your progress
  • Changing your fitness routines accordingly
  • Providing diet and nutrition advice
  • Helping with weight management goals (loss or gain)
  • Helping you to set lifestyle changes in place, e.g. stopping smoking

And ultimately maximising the time you spend getting & staying fit.

We accept personal training clients from 14 years of age.

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